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Helfaer Field in Wisconsin is the location of our final game of the season. Game start time is 10:30am. Coach would like the players there at 9:30am. Now considering some of you are traveling to Wisconsin on Thursday, it should not be a problem. However for those of us heading up Friday it may a bit more taxing. Keep in mind when planning your travel that there is reported construction on 90/94.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Infomation on the upcoming tournament in Vernon Hills.

All the parents should have received the email from Coach Weede this morning regarding the Vernon Hills Silver Start Tourney (Their site says it is called the Silver Start, but I have a feeling it is actually the Silver STAR Tourney. I'm thinking whoever typed it got a bit to over zealous with the keyboard and hit the letter T by mistake). . The email detailed the schedule for the weekend and it looks like our games start on Saturday and end Sunday.

I have updated the calendar to reflect the game start times as well as a map to the field. A quick note on the field locations. The addresses of the fields themselves do not register on Google maps. So I pointed the map to Corporate Woods Parkway which is only about 1 block away from the field. If your looking for directions to the field, all you need to do is click the "map" link on the calendar, take a look at the field and surrounding area, and you will be able to find a way into the field. The idea is, by pointing the map to a road that the map can find (Corporate Woods Parkway), it allows you to utilize the map and have Google give turn-by-turn directions to the fields in Vernon Hills from whatever location you designate as your "Starting" location. This way everyone can find the field.

I am also going to include a link to the Vernon Hills Athletics Assoc. website. They have information on the tourney there as well as a downloadable pdf of the fields themselves. The link can be found on the left sidebar along with our other links. Alternatively you can always go here:
However, you CAN get this same information by using Google Maps from the calendar and choosing "satellite" view. This will give you an actual picture of the field. This is a cool feature that sometimes helps where a traditional map view does not.

This tourney seems like it will be a good time. I am assuming we do not need to be there Friday since our first game is Saturday. Mr. Bragg, can you confirm this for us and leave a comment on this post just incase others are wondering as well?

If anymore information on the tourney comes up, you can be sure that I will post it here. So keep checking the site for updates.

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