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Helfaer Field in Wisconsin is the location of our final game of the season. Game start time is 10:30am. Coach would like the players there at 9:30am. Now considering some of you are traveling to Wisconsin on Thursday, it should not be a problem. However for those of us heading up Friday it may a bit more taxing. Keep in mind when planning your travel that there is reported construction on 90/94.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting closer...

We are steadily getting things worked out with all of our website features. We have a couple parents who are going to be doing game summaries. And we should only be a couple days away from getting our stats on the site. We are just ironing out some details and we will be there.

Our season is off and running. We have had a few close plays, a few big innings and also our sshare of mistakes. But that is how we learn is it not? I think (from a parents'/fans point of view) some of the boys are finding their stride. While a couple are still trying to get into the groove. Regardless of where any of them are in their seasonal progression, I have yet to see any of them give up. A couple more games and these kids might begin to really gel together. When that happens, watch out! We have what looks to be a great team. When they all start playing to their full ability we will be very hard to beat.

I will have another profile up by tomorrow. A couple days late... sorry... but it will be there. For all those who have yet to submit their answers for the profile please email them to me. If you need another copy of the questions I can resend them to you. At the moment I only have enough profile answers for two more kids.

There has been some interest in submitting pics. Please do. If you have digital pics, even if they are just of your kid. That is fine. I can hold them until we have a variety. Also any video you may have of a game or portions of the game. I can format the video for the site.. so submit what you have and I can take it from there. Thanks.

Thank you to all who have offered to help. I am always open for ideas. Anything you would like to see on the site or if you have an idea for something cool to do. Or even if you have a team announcement or message...

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