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Helfaer Field in Wisconsin is the location of our final game of the season. Game start time is 10:30am. Coach would like the players there at 9:30am. Now considering some of you are traveling to Wisconsin on Thursday, it should not be a problem. However for those of us heading up Friday it may a bit more taxing. Keep in mind when planning your travel that there is reported construction on 90/94.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Game Summary--North Aurora

The Vikings improved to 3-1 in KCBL play with a rousing come from behind 20-19 victory on a warm and windy night in North Aurora. The team came back three time from large deficits to record the win, including a 7-1 1st inning deficit and 13-8 second inning deficit. Each player members to the victory in all areas of the game including hitting, fielding and pitching. Thanks to the coaches who kept the kids heads in the game and encouraged them to fight back.

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