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Helfaer Field in Wisconsin is the location of our final game of the season. Game start time is 10:30am. Coach would like the players there at 9:30am. Now considering some of you are traveling to Wisconsin on Thursday, it should not be a problem. However for those of us heading up Friday it may a bit more taxing. Keep in mind when planning your travel that there is reported construction on 90/94.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Game Stats and Summaries added

Happy Sunday everyone! Posted a couple past game summaries that Coach Bragg wrote as well as some team stats. Mr. Lanphier has also been kind enough to write a couple and will have the upcoming summaries as well. We have decided to post the close games and winning games only. For one this saves on time which we are lacking lately. And helps keep all of this a positive experience. We all see the losses, no need to relive them :-p

To find the stats, follow the links on the left of the page. Game summaries can be found on the top left. Each story is labeled and labels are organized in that corner. At this point I am playing around with a couple different ways of doing this. So at the moment I have only added the Game Log. Jeff has also given me team pitching and batting stats. I will add these very soon. I want to decide how I will have them displayed before I code the rest in.

Also keep an eye on the text at the very top of the site page. I have been keeping the upcoming game info up there. Although I do not update it as soon as one game ends, I do usually get to it by the next day.

I also still have a couple pics to add. Mr. Black has also been taking some multi-frame snapshots that he will be getting to me soon. These will also be posted on the site in the very near future. I will try to get a few on tonite. I have a 6 year old birthday party to get through first.......

Thanks to all who have helped out. I must say, the games have been rather enjoyable. Everyone seems to be having a good time. The team has been pretty upbeat and continue to play hard until the very last out. And Opening Day was a rain free day! Lets Go Vikings!

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