Next Game

Helfaer Field in Wisconsin is the location of our final game of the season. Game start time is 10:30am. Coach would like the players there at 9:30am. Now considering some of you are traveling to Wisconsin on Thursday, it should not be a problem. However for those of us heading up Friday it may a bit more taxing. Keep in mind when planning your travel that there is reported construction on 90/94.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1st outdoor practice a success!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The clouds would part, those cold chills would dissipate, and we would have baseball! Winter workouts were great. The kids got in shape at a time they would normally be avoiding the outdoor freeze. But I'll be the first to tell ya, there's a certain feeling you get when your finally on a freshly raked field, outdoors in the sun. Of course.. it's been a few months since having games at Mill Creek. So I for one need to remember it is WINDY out there! "Dress appropriately" is something I should make a mental note of.

Regardless, it was a great practice from what I saw. The kids all got into the spirit right away and before you knew it they were feeling it too. Coach did say they need to keep working on their footwork, and stay consistent with it. Overall it was a nice evening for some baseball and from some of the talk I overheard, the kids are all looking forward to their upcoming scrimmage.

Upcoming events to look forward to: We have a practice this coming Saturday at 9am (Mill Creek 2). Then the following week there is a Tuesday practice followed by a scrimmage on Wednesday in Montgomery.
Site Update: As I get more pics as days go on, Ill start a picture section. Trying to keep them organized will be the key. So if anyone does send in any pics naming them as to what they are from will be a big help. Thanks!


  1. wow.. outside practice was quite fun. I can't wait until our scrimmage next wednesday.Just got to listin to my dad about wearing pants and long socks.

    Z. Pronenko

  2. This is awesome!!! Good job Tony! I like the pics that are lets parents who are working or not able to attend practices get a glimpse of what is going on.

  3. So glad to have baseball underway for our boys! Tony, thanks for all the work you've done on this site - it's incredible.